Monday, June 27, 2011

How you Make me Whirl ?

I've been starting at my screen, thinking of U and all our dreams..
My cheeks hurt from smiling, could it be....
Because your eyes mesmerize me??

Your eyes so "cute" girl, and your smile for sure!!
And I don't mind at all.., because when you smile, its carries on for miles.

In real time, we sing.., in real time we're laughing.... and you..
don't miss a beat me.. cause you're very happy~

And when you "bite" your lips, girl.. oh...
you make me, twist and turn and twirl..!!

I love the way you "smell"....
Inhale, deep breath, I'm in your Spell.!
How you make me whirl??
Oh girl..!, you drive me wild..

So, please don't mind at all. cause I just write what In my HEAD now.. girl.!! how you make me whirl..??

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